Standard 1 - Mission and Goals

 Task: The institution’s mission defines its purpose within the context of higher education, the students it serves, and what it intends to accomplish. The institution’s stated goals are clearly linked to its mission and specify how the institution fulfills its mission.

Name Title
J. Steven Brown, Chair Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies. Professor of Engineering
Therese-Anne Druart,
Professor of Philosophy
Ralph Albano Associate Provost for Research
Patricia Andrasik Assistant Professor of Architecture
Lin-Ching Chang Associate Professor of Engineering
Daniel Gibbons Associate Professor of English
Michael Gorman Associate Professor of Philosophy
Weston Kirby Class of 2020, School of Arts and Sciences
Emmjolee Mendoza-Waters Associate Director of Campus Ministry
Narguess Moasser University Marketing Manager
Chad Pecknold Associate Professor of Theology

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Standard 2 - Ethics and Integrity

 Task: Ethics and integrity are central, indispensable, and defining hallmarks of effective higher education institutions. In all activities, whether internal or external, an institution must be faithful to its mission, honor its contracts and commitments, adhere to its policies, and represent itself truthfully.

Name Title
Vincent Lacovara, Chair Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Msgr. Ronnie Jenkins,
Dean and O'Brien-O'Connor Chair of Canon Law
Mahmoud Haleem Radiation Safety Officer, Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Leon Hutton Adjunct Professor of Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
Joyce Johnson Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Rylee Kenney Coordinator of Light the World Institute
School of Theology and Religious Studies
Alexandra Kilgore Class of 2021, School of Arts and Sciences
Nancy O'Connor General Counsel
Benjamin Shields Class of 2020, Benjamin T. Rome School of Music
Cate Sullivan Associate Dean for Administration and Recruitment
School of Architecture and and Planning
Raymond Wyrsch Distinguished Lecturer in Business Law, Busch School of Business and Economics

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Standard 3 - Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

 Task: An institution provides students with learning experiences that are characterized by rigor and coherence at all program, certificate, and degree levels, regardless of instructional modality. All learning experiences, regardless of modality, program pace/schedule, level, and setting are consistent with higher education expectations

Name Title
Lynn Mayer, Chair Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Professor of Social Services
Matthias Vorwerk,
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Philosophy
Jay Brock Clinical Associate Professor of Music
Fr. Jude DeAngelo University Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry
Eileen Dombo Associate Professor of Social Services
Jimmy Harrington Class of 2019, Busch School of Business and Economics; SGA President
Katie Kernich Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs, School of Theology and Religious Studies
Vince Kiernan Dean of the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
Soad Mahfouz Academic and Career Advisor
Jim Monaghan Associate Provost of Online Education
Virginia Moser Media Lab Director and Lecturer of Media Studies
Chad Smith Director of Legal Programs, Metropolitan School of Professional Studies

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Standard 4 - Support of the Student Experience

 Task: Across all educational experiences, settings, levels, and instructional modalities, the institution recruits and admits students whose interests, abilities, experiences, and goals are congruent with its mission and educational offerings. The institution commits to student retention, persistence, completion, and success through a coherent and effective support system sustained by qualified professionals, which enhances the quality of the learning environment, contributes to the educational experience, and fosters student success.

Name Title
Jonathan Sawyer, Chair Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Julie Isha,
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services and University Registrar
Anthony Boehm Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs, Undergraduate Advisor, Metropolitan School of Professional Services
P.J. Connolly Class of 2019, School of Arts and Sciences
Laura Daughtery Associate Professor and Chair, Baccalaureate Program, National Catholic School of Social Service
Pat Fricchione Associate Campus Minister for Men's Ministry, Retreats and Athletics
Steve Kreider Director of Campus Activities
Caitlin Rothwell Disability Support Services Coordinator
Sean Sullivan Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics

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Standard 5 - Educational Effectiveness Assessment

 Task: Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates that the institution's students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution's mission, and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education.

Name Title
Duilia F. de Mello, Chair Vice Provost and Dean of Assessment, Professor of Physics
Binh Tran,
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Patricia Ballard Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Anthony Chiappetta Co-Director, Center for Academic and Career Advising
Esther Hudson Graduate Student, Class of 2020, School of Philosophy
Margaret Ann Kassen Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures
Mario Ortiz Associate Provost for International Affairs, Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Jennifer Paxton Director of University Honors Program, Clinical Assistant Professor of History
Reza Saidi Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Finance
Sue Yeon Syn Associate Professor of Library and Information Science

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Standard 6 - Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

 Task:The institution’s planning processes, resources, and structures are aligned with each other and are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals, to continuously assess and improve its programs and services, and to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges.

Name Title
Rosie Henderson, Chair Controller and Assistant Treasurer
Joe Miranda,
Director, Academic Budgets
Claudia Bornholdt Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures and Walburg Chair of German Language and Literature
Deborah Brown Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services
Stephen J. Connaghan University Librarian
Brian Johnston Associate Vice President, Financial Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment
Paige Melley Class of 2019, Busch School of Business and Economics
Tom Mulquin Senior Director of Facilities Planning and Construction
Georgia Niedzielko Assistant Dean for Administration, Columbus School of Law

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Standard 7 - Governance, Leadership, and Administration

 Task: The institution is governed and administered in a manner that allows it to realize its stated mission and goals in a way that effectively benefits the institution, its students, and the other constituencies it serves. Even when supported by or affiliated with governmental, corporate, religious, educational system, or other unaccredited organizations, the institution has education as its primary purpose, and it operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy.

Name Title
Lucia Silecchia, Chair Professor of Law and Director of Summer Law Program in Rome
Larry Morris,
Chief of Staff and Counselor to the President
Niki Akhavan Associate Professor of Media Studies
Brendan Dillon Class of 2020, Busch School of Business and Economics
Katie Jennings Associate Vice President for Student Engagement
Lisa Jordan Manager of Compensation, Human Resources
John Judge Dean and Associate Professor
School of Engineering
Elizabeth Meng Office of Online Education
Peg O'Donnell Associate General Counsel for Policy and Compliance

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