Milestones and Projected Dates

Milestone Target Date
Assemble Steering Committee December 2017
Solicit Working Group Volunteers January 2018
Begin to draft Self-Study Design March 1, 2018
Kickoff luncheon and orientation for Working Groups members February 21, 2018
Host MSCHE liaison for meetings on campus March 19, 2018
Revisions and final approval of Self-Study Design by MSCHE liaison. April-May 2018
Convene first Working Group meetings. Meetings will occur at least once a month and through February 2020. April 2018
Prepare Documentation Repository as a resource for Working Groups May-August 2018
Working Groups submit detailed outlines to Steering Committee - Feedback will be provided September 30, 2018
Working Groups submit first draft reports to Steering Committee - Feedback will be provided November-December 2018
Update Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee on Self-Study progress December 10, 2018

MSCHE Evaluation Team Chair is selected.

Steering Committee submits Self-Study design to Team Chair.

Chair visit date is set

January-February 2019
Working Groups submit second draft reports to Steering Committee. February 2019
Steering Committee completes first draft of Self-Study based on Working Group reports. May-June 2019
Update Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee on Self-Study progress. June 3, 2019
Feedback from campus community on Self-Study first draft. July-August 2019
Steering Committee completes second draft of Self-Study. September 2019
Deliver report to Chair of Steering Committee October 2019

Begin Verification of Compliance Report

November 2019

Preliminary campus visit by Team Chair; feedback to Steering Committee by Team Chair on Self-Study draft.

November 12, 2019

Verification of Compliance Report submitted to MSCHE no later than Jan. 15.

Edits/revisions to Self-Study based on Evaluation Team Chair’s input are completed; revised document is shared with campus community.

January 2020

Final version of Self-Study and Evidence Inventory are sent to MSCHE Evaluation Team (six weeks prior to campus visit).

February 2020
MSCHE Evaluation Team visits campus. March 1-4, 2020

Evaluation Team issues report.

Steering Committee produces institutional response to report.

May 2020
MSCHE Commission meets to act on accreditation. June 2020